Coosa County (Alabama) – History and Families

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Coosa County began its history as a fairly large area, that was to become more than one county. It was  brought into the State of Alabama from an Act from Alabama Government, and a Treaty after the War of 1812…among other ‘foundation’ pieces.

The pre-history of what would become Coosa County involved Nations of the Cherokee, Cussattas, Choctaw, Alabamos, Chickasaw and other Nations whose names have faded into a past which is not easily trace — as far as the Native Peoples who were here before European “settlers” arrived.

This BLOG is about history, culture, government, battles, treaties, and many things you might realize have had a direct impact on how your education, property rights, “legal rights” and other elements that came into to play, with their ground work laid during the late-1700’s on through to the building of the Court Houses, government buildings, organization of state courts, and much much more.

Too much information for a short introduction…maybe. But as a wise man said, “slowly slowly you may eat the element” (or is that “move that mountain…”?)

This introduction will evolve, as will other elements related to it.

Please, stop by periodically. I will do my best to keep additions timely, and on some what on a regular basis.

Thank you, for your interest.

— C A Abernathy