Surnames Index Page – [Archive/”Mirror”]

Al Franklin and his son “Trip” have died — this is my attempt to retrace and document just SOME of the kinship connection(s) we share on our extended family tree. Really too many to mention in a short blurb — so I will have to ‘browse’, sift and save the information AND/OR links that do apply to my ongoing research.
If any of this blog’s readers know who inherited Al Franklin’s research note – Please let me know.
His dedication to genealogy aided me and answering many “mysteries” when I began my family tree quest, long ago.
—   C A Abernathy (July 2017)


Ancestors, descendants and families related to
Alfred Alton Franklin, Jr.
“American by birth, Southern by the grace of God”

All Surnames in Family Tree
[..extensive connections to CAA’s direct kin and cousins.]

Source: Surnames Index Page

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